FreekLabs is a social paradox, a lab of synchronicities, a place out of cultural boundaries that brings mind blowing narratives to life thru MR/VR/AR, Projection, Sound, Music and Video Installations in real and virtual spaces.

Marius Matesan is a mixed media artist exploring the complex relationship between humans, technology and psychedelics. His work revolves around pushing the boundaries of perception, awareness and reality creating experiences that are often addressing social issues with a psychedelic twist. Founder of FreekLabs and FreekMinds, noted for his work on theatre stages, festivals and raves across Europe, mixing reality with the imaginary in staged experiences of various scales through sound, music, installations and projection mapping on various surfaces and gases. Arriving in London, he expanded his practice into virtual realities creating award winning experiences, co-founding PlayLa.bZ and shaping the foundations of Multidimensional Motion Arts.

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