The All Seeing Eye / Modern Panic X

“The All Seeing Eye” is an interactive installation acting as a conceptual piece that reflects on the potential effects of loss of privacy and data manipulation in conjunction with centralised social media on the ideological future of western societies. The installation paradoxically delivers a revelation while it questions the boundaries between the individual and the spiritual realm and in the same time between individual and the rest of society, aiming to blur them using innovative technology that has the power to manifest surreal experiences, literally bringing The All Seeing Eye to life.

Concept: Marius Matesan

Created by: Andra Ciacoi and Marius Matesan with special thanks to James Marks, James Elphick, Distrikt 5 / CyberDrone Boomtown Crew, Joao Cabral and Brikena Dunisha.

Powered by: PsychFi , Playla.bZ, Ravensbourne University and FreekLabs.

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