Bye Bye Privacy!

Bye Bye Privacy! is a conceptual piece created as an Interactive Ambient Ambisonic Mixed Reality installation in response to the staggering acceleration of online privacy rights loss for citizens around the world. Triggered by the royal assent of the Investigatory Powers Act (2016) the piece is inviting us to meditate from within the mixed reality experience on the emergence of new immersive media in the context of diminishing privacy rights in the UK and the rest of the world. Following the ideas behind machine learning and A.I. algorithms that will define who the internet surfers are based on online activity, the piece questions the authenticity of the officialized internet processes that may interpret and profile people interacting with it in an attempt to define society in cyberspace with effects on the individual both in reality and the cyberspace.

In collaboration with Mark Durham the experience expands into the aural dimensions of perception exploring them using an Ambisonic Sound Installation in conjunction with the Mixed Reality Headset to fully transport and induce a meditation moment emphasizing the tremendous power technology can have in manifesting and communicating ideas and emotions in immersive contexts.

Launched in 2017 at Modern Panic/London. (

Visit the online exhibition in this virtual gallery. (work in progress)

Further explorations of Sonic Interactions in Mixed Reality led to a continuation of the study resulting in a deeper look at perception processes as well as the processes computers rely on to attempt to quantify and understand humans.

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