AcidFrame / Freekverse

AcidFrame is a living painting that questions and takes classic painting to another level, making accessible a few well known aspects of the psychedelic experience in non altered states of mind by mixing projection, canvas, interaction and reality. Part of Freekverse, a collection of various scale immersive interactive installations.

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The All Seeing Eye / Modern Panic X

“The All Seeing Eye” is an interactive installation acting as a conceptual piece that reflects on the potential effects of loss of privacy and data manipulation in conjunction with centralised social media on the ideological future of western societies. The installation paradoxically delivers a revelation while it questions the boundaries between the individual and the […]

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Circle of Blackness

Circle of Blackness: Part 1 – Meet Ann E. Styles, Elsa James (2019) Through in-depth research James revisits a historical black woman who lived in the Finsbury Park area 150 years ago, embodies and reimagines her then and 150 years into the future. Produced together with Ravensbourne University PlayLabZ and Holotronica, experience time travel and […]

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Bye bye privacy!

Bye Bye Privacy! is a conceptual piece created as an Interactive Ambient Ambisonic Mixed Reality installation in response to the staggering acceleration of online privacy rights loss for citizens around the world. Triggered by the royal assent of the Investigatory Powers Act (2016) the piece is inviting us to meditate from within the mixed reality […]

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The Statue of V

The Statue of V is an experiment with Magic Leap made by the 2nd Year students of Advertising and Brand Design at Ravensbourne University London in collaboration with studio Doubleme. Alan Moore’s character of V is a symbol of empowerment of opposition and dissent. By creating an Augmented Reality monument we encourage the people to […]

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