Journeys thru the extrovert and introvert mind blowing universes. FREEXTA explores a culturally borderless sonic space, using a variety of tempos, styles, feelings and mindsets, reflecting and complementing various altered states of mind. Are you thinking of something ? “Are you thinking of something ?” makes it to the greater streams, amazingly announcing a […]



Born at the intersection of Tribesilvania and FreeParties, MADKAT is a #TEKNO/#TRIBE/#MENTAL dj and producer with over two years of playing music at raves across Eastern Europe, nowadays featured in the underground scene of London.

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PANSPERMIA a.k.a. DNA FROM OUTERSPACE is a project born out of the audio pools of Social Paradox, FRK and Freexta, acting as an altered state of the tekno mind, it is exploring certain areas of the unconscious side of the tekno trip, paradoxically with some degree of consciousness involved this is a sonic journey venturing […]



FRK is a HARDTEK/TRIBE/TEKNO/BREAKS act born in the freeparty scene of south of France and north of Spain in 2005 after accidentally arriving at an unexpected rave in south of France that led to a decade long chain of full blown raves taking place in nearly every context you can bring a truck and speakers […]

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Zooted Minds

Short term memory modulation leading to hyperspace creative exploration, ZootedMinds is an ever stoned A/V collective/band born summer of 2019 in London, celebrating all strains and forms of cannabis and cannabis consumption thru music, dance, talks and trippy experiences. Our boldest aim is to produce a Hemp Paper Factory and become part of rebalancing the […]

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Social Paradox

#TEKNO #MENTAL #TRIBE #HARDTEK #ACID “Social paradox is a pervasive, continuing dilemma between incompatible yet interdependent activities (i.e. between regulators and the regulated). This goes beyond the usual ideas of conflict or game theory… social paradox forms a “wicked” class of challenges that cannot be finally solved — “at best they are resolved, over and […]

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Our mothership music label, hosting FRK, Social Paradox and FREEXTAZ. When you mix well two specially selected songs together you get an amazing mix that sounds as a totally new song, never recorded before, a song that you can only hear when you make that special mix again.We call that song “the third song” and […]