Albert Hoffman portrays in “The Road to Eleusis” the potential not only of a side effect free form of ergot but also aligns it’s existence with the temporal, climate and cultural dimensions of the Eleusis ritual participants. This inspires many to expand their thinking beyond the anti-drug propagandistic boundaries programmed on society’s mainstream, particularly inspiring […]

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FREEKMiNDS is a neo-tribe that celebrates freedom, love, arts, music, dance, balance, nature, the hyperspace and the mysteries of life while aiming to contribute to establishing and maintaining an authentic relationship between humans, psychedelics and the multiverse. Launching soon, stay tuned, we will want to hear from you!


Girmit a story of indentured labour

It’s not often that a story as powerful as Girmit gets told, in fact it felt like connecting with an important authentic piece of oral history revealing unexpectedly many implications in Fiji islands, the UK and eventually the rest of the world from the 19th century till our days. Oral histories and immersive experiences share […]

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Bye bye Edward Bernays (wip)

Life, the mother of all mediums and host of all experiences, the very stream of existence feeding everyone’s perceptions at hyper speed frame rates. Without a doubt, humanity has not found it’s ideal habit configuration, the many forms and shapes our organising took is a mere scratch on the surface of what reality really is, […]

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Tales from the Dome: Pipe line

After all the pipes and lines here we are with a working pipeline leading to 360 freaktal animations ready to be projected on a dome or played in a head set. Video compression takes the details away and brings lofi look, luckily DXV is preserving everything but only usable in Resolume. In the second and […]

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Tales from the Dome: Cellular Automata

Successful build of automata in Unity, using Jhon Conway’s four basic rules for creating the Game of Life, Under population. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies. Over population. Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies. Reproduction. Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours becomes a live cell. Sustainability. Any live cell […]

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Taking war to the next level

This might be another super utopian thought(like legalize marijuana) but if all the decades of 3D shooter games can have a positive impact on society that would definitely be moving wars into a realistic 3D shooter VR battlefield ready to accommodate any number of willing participants. All states would have to agree on the virtual […]

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Research: Tales from the Dome

For a great many users, the experience of DMT transit is consummated in the sensation of having gained admittance to an Ur-space of primary wisdom. While there is great variation, such a “space” is commonly perceived as a revered “vaulted dome”; the ultimate destination to which one arrives following a passage that is commonly fantastic […]

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CC / Form follows function

Attempt to solve the problem of exploring all possible build-able shapes from a given set of various triangles. Defining the joint: a point in 3D space joint matrix: a list of all joints in the scene shape matrix: a matrix of boolean values with columns and rows equal to the total number of joints, storing […]

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