Glitch in the Machine / BoomTown 2017

Glitch in the Machine is a VR experience part of BoomTown Fair, an immersive theatre festival, where it takes participants deep into the main frame of AMI, the AI that is about to take control over everything, will you help? Will you hack? What’s behind the Mask?
It all takes place in the future underworld of Boomtown. The year – 2122.
DSTRKT 5 represents a glimpse into Boomtowns future, it is a world that suffers the consequences of it’s present day ancestors as it’s citizens struggle to survive on the little natural resources that are left.  The most scarce resource is Oxygen as the air outside of the filtrated buildings and dwellings is too heavily polluted to breathe. Scrap metal and technology has the most value amongst back street dealers and everyone scavenges to try and make ends meat
As the tech evolves people are beginning to be hacked. It’s a battle on all fronts between the real world corruption and the virtual control of privacy, who’s to be able to access your mind.
ThirdMind Productions, PsychFi, FreekLabs