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Exploring #MdMA with #FreekPixels ONE TRIP A DAY / MdMA Feedback Loop Exploring #MdMA with #FreekPixels ONE TRIP A DAY / PANSPERMIA Exploring #MdMA with #FreekPixels ONE TRIP A DAY / PlayLa.bZ in the MdMA Woods Exploring #MdMA with #FreekPixels ONE TRIP A DAY / FREAKSTA – NFTEASE Exploring #MdMA with #FreekPixels ONE TRIP A […]

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vr dance

VR Dance: exploring alternative realities through creative movement and technology This East London Dance programme combines immersive technology and physical movement to encourage a wider conversation about positive and creative choices by allowing young people in Newham and Redbridge to explore alternative realities together.  For this programme East London Dance has brought together Hip Hop Dance Theatre Company BirdGang […]

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Psychonautica – a psychonaut’s sonic guide – is an annual compilation curated and mixed by FREEXTA, initially playing on authenticity by joining the reality shaping, mind bending artists that have impacted not only the electronic scene of UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Romania but also FREEXTA’s mind and ultimately trip. Coming out in […]

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Albert Hoffman portrays in “The Road to Eleusis” the potential not only of a side effect free form of ergot but also aligns it’s existence with the temporal, climate and cultural dimensions of the Eleusis ritual participants. This inspires many to expand their thinking beyond the anti-drug propagandistic boundaries programmed on society’s mainstream, particularly inspiring […]

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Journeys thru the extrovert and introvert mind blowing universes, Freexta explores the mysteries of ecstasy through a culturally borderless sonic space, using a variety of tempos, feelings and mindsets venturing from experimental to dance styles, reflecting and complementing various altered states of mind.. Are you thinking of something ? “Are you thinking of something ?” […]