Twelve brilliant multidimensional minds in eleven locations on three very different time zones, one poem written in Canada at #TheMcLuhanInstitute, one small crew of experience creators in #FreekMinds / London, a #MdMA hotline running in #PsychFi / Cheltnam, a virtual film set and post production studio running on #GenieMo in #FreekLabs / London, four amazing multidimensional actors, a #PlayLabZ lab in India with #SpatialCadets spread throughout England, a fully remote workflow, having 48 hours to make and tell a sci-fi story: “://T.O.S./”. Premiered on the 6th of September.

Spatial Cadets

We were so lucky to have James E. Marks, Andrew McLuhan, Andra Ciacoi, Steve Snooks, Phil Tidy, Colin Foster, Bhuvana Meenakshi, Krzystof Szkoda, Jay Creagh, Luciana Haill, Ajay Chhabra, and myself (Marius Matesan) up for play and ready to form a team to make a film over the weekend! Thank you everyone, it was magic to see us all so switched on and playful!

PlayLa.bZ, The McLuhan Institute, GenieMo Spatial Cadets, FREEKMiNDS, FreekLabs, PsychFi, SEEDS, Black Matter Reality, KAWS Infinity

“Yes, I think in the future you’ll be able to save and replay memories,” he said. “I mean, this is obviously sounding increasingly like a ‘Black Mirror’ episode. But I guess they’re pretty good at predicting.”

Elon Musk / NL Presentation

“then I wake from dreaming:

having had the experience

but missed the meaning”

Andrew McLuhan / A poem in five parts

The sci-fi-london 48 hour film challenge

Louis Savy, the man behind this exciting challenge, has been keeping London’s Sci-Fi scene alive for the last 20 years with the London Sci-Fi Film Festival, creating amazing opportunities for creatives to join a truly fun, inspiring and engaging experience that could result in a film at the end of the weekend. Here’s a snippet of how the experience works:

“Elements we give you include:

  • The TITLE for your film
  • A piece of DIALOGUE that must be said by a character in the film
  • Prop list or Action, that we must see on screen
  • An optional scientific idea or theme

You have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and finish your film.”

Check out https://48hour.sci-fi-london.com/ and https://sci-fi-london.com/ to get the full scale of the festival.

://T.O.S./_ EXTRAS

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(coming soon)