Branding / RAVE PlayLa.bZ / London 2019

PlayLa.bZ is a company that got born under the wings of Ravensborune University London, since I was a student there have always wanted to take Ravensbourne’s logo up a notch into a 3D representation, years later this opportunity finally arise when PlayLa.bZ proposes bringing mixed reality, virtual reality and volumetric filmmaking at the hands of students and lecturers keen to experiment and go beyond representations of 3D spaces on 2D media, ready to get immersed in digital worlds.

Starting from Ravensbourne University’s Logo using orthographic projection things fell in place organically bringing a whole new shape that transmits at once a 3D shape but also a 2D shape with a set of ratios or internal golden rules, a hexagram (with six triangles of empathy) and a breaking of established conventions while keeping everything in the same lexicon.

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